Earthie Kart - An Artisanal Studio Enchanted by Wooden Tableware

Earthie Kart - An Artisanal Studio Enchanted by Wooden Tableware

Wood is a very versatile resource; a gift of nature that is both sustainable and full of distinct properties based on the nature of the wood. As you browse through our store, you will notice that our team at Earthie Kart, is extremely loyal to our relationship with the natural world that we are all a part of. Apart from looking elegant, graceful, and beautiful; wood can be recycled if need be and as an organic resource; it doesn’t pollute the surroundings in any way whatsoever.

Each type of wood comes with its own unique properties and at Earthie Kart, we have delved deep into each of them via research before we collaborated with Indian craftsmen, to make our products.

Our cutlery items are made of various kinds of wood. Each of them has intricately been designed to look aesthetic and add ambience to your kitchen. At first look, they inspire a rustic sense of décor and without sharp edges that can cause damage to the self or the other cutlery; wooden serve ware is light, can be cleaned and dried to remain in your kitchen for a long time, and it is further good for the environment. As we eat, to remember where we get our food from is an act of gratitude and what better ways than to use an eco-friendly product to eat out of?

At Earthie Kart, we have spent an ample amount of time, understanding wood. By locating and using the best kind of wood to meticulously craft your wooden work; we hope you are able to appreciate the universe’s natural ways.

Our team recognises that we are all a part of the universe. By facilitating and rebuilding our estranged relationship with natural resources; we hope to inspire in our customers and ourselves, the beauty of oneness that is catalysed in the process of using eco-friendly and sustainable products. Each time you use one of our products, you are one step closer to befriending the many natural resources that we can use at home. Not only are they beautiful in their form, they are further efficient in their function and if that wasn’t enough; we are coming together collectively, to build a sustainable future.

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