Perfect Housewarming Gifts at Earthie Kart

Perfect Housewarming Gifts at Earthie Kart

From being a source of warmth, to being the epitome of elegance when carved upon; one cannot deny the beauty of wood. A product of nature and one of humankind's oldest known companion, wood is a source of life and a resource of more value than one acknowledges in the mundane.

Wooden home decor comes with a certain old school charm; a beautiful gesture of goodwill and a one that inspires in one, a sense of sweet nostalgia. Something about wood has a way of reminding us of good old ways, of grace, and when wood is carved or painted upon; a sense of regal aura. Being a natural resource that can be recycled, it is further a reminder of the value of being closer to the earth. Eco-friendly and sustainable, wooden handicrafts are a relevant choice for a gift too.

Our curation includes a varied range of wooden décor that can be used in the mundane and those that can take your breath away with their handcrafted detailing. You could make a goodie bag with our artistically crafted cutlery, our jute products, and our skin care products to fill a new home with a little bit of everything.

You could perhaps choose to gift wrap a set of our serve ware as they promise to adorn the role of both gorgeous forms, and the role of graceful function. Home as it is associated with comfort food, is always a safe place to go back to. Laced with an enamel coating to make our wooden kitchenware food safe, you may have found the right gift for a new home.

Wooden handicrafts are often displayed to inspire a sense of wholesomeness; a respectful tribute to the craftsman and a graceful expression of one’s taste for the simple sophistry that seems to be inherent to the aesthetic effect that wood is known to have. One look at our cheeseboards, and you are bound to agree!

In today’s day and age, minimalistic décor that signifies belief systems that seek to align with one’s choice of living the balanced lifestyle of grandeur and all the same, social responsibility; seem to be the tempers that inspire us all. Aware, advanced, and hopeful; we each seek to make the little difference that we can.

Our products at Earthie Kart are made with love and our team has ensured that Indian craftsman are celebrated for the work they do. Wood as it promises sustenance is in itself, a gesture. Our products could adorn the shelves of your loved ones and as you scroll through our website to pick a gift for someone you wish the best new beginnings for; the entire team at Earthie Kart sends love to both of you!

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