Why we Never Get Bored of Wooden Handicrafts since Ancient Times

Why we Never Get Bored of Wooden Handicrafts since Ancient Times


Have you browsed through shopping platforms and walked alongside roads to buy home décor for your home? Or perhaps, you were looking for the perfect housewarming ceremony gift. In your ancestral home, have you walked past an old handicraft that has added a rustic sense of ambience to the home you vacationed or grew up at? Have you picked it up and marvelled at the detailed intricacies of its beautifully hand-crafted design? Does your grandma feed you juice made out of tree bark as a solution to cleansing your body? 

What is it about wooden handicrafts that has stood the tests of time? The timeless nuance of organic solutions and usage in our mundane may be an important reminder to understand our relationship with nature. 

Wood has been used as a medium of creation since the pagan times. Dolls, puppets, instruments, and idols among others, have been carved out of wood and while it takes time and labour to perfect them; the craftmanship has only evolved with changing times. Wooden handicrafts have journeyed along with fast evolving social realm that make for the human world today. 

At Earthiekart, we have explored the more ways in which we can use wood to rekindle with our relationship with the universe. By employing regional craftsmen and cultural wisdom, we have curated a wide range of wood-based home décor and organic products. By browsing through our website, you will see the effort we put into providing you, with handmade wooden décor and organic cosmetics. 

Wood comes with various properties and ancient knowledge along with research done, has helped us understand the ways in which we can use wood to appeal to our customers today. We deliver our products, to add the charm of wooden handiwork at your home and you might perhaps, leave behind the same, for the generation that follows yours. 

With its universal and timeless appeal, wooden handicrafts are elegant, unique, and are reminders of cultural craftsmanship. Besides being a traditionally significant art and craft form, wood work is a unique talent. Local and regional artisans are gifted and at Earthiekart, we rely on the work done by Indian craftsmen who cut, carve upon, and shape wood into elegant pieces. 

Using exotic wood selected by the team to make handicrafts and organic cosmetics, promises the long-lasting finish that can live up to the lineage of wooden handicrafts; each piece rendered to remind one of an intricate design that can be passed on. 

Browse through our website and find yourself awed by urbanized wood work made by hand! 

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